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Global Dairy Series- Big Data for Dairy and Monitoring Cow Health and Performance

The dairy industry faces multiple challenges trying to fill the need for dairy products globally, while mitigating the environmental impact of the industry. Clearly, precision livestock technologies can support dairy producers and their suppliers in this journey, but practical application is often lacking. During this talk “Big Data for dairy and monitoring cow health and performance” an overview of past, current and future state of the art monitoring tools for dairy cows will be illustrated. Several examples of these techniques will be shown with practical relevance for dairy producers as well as veterinarians.

Speaker: Dr. Miel Hostens
Driven by a passion for dairy farming, and raised on his grandmother’s farm but adjusted towards data science by a technology driven mother, Miel was able to find a hot spot between both disciplines. He shares an extreme passion for both disciplines, and has devoted to creating methodologies using precision livestock farming to monitor sustainable food production systems from a global perspective. Assistant Professor in the Department of Farm Animal Health focusing on Herd Health Management in relation to Precision Livestock Management and Big Data in Dairy Cows.
• Education of bachelor & master students in Veterinary Medicine.
• Statistical training of Ph.D. students in data management in the area of dairy cows.
• Post academic and extension services in the area of herd health management in dairy cows.
  • Global Dairy Producer Series Big Data
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  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever